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Ready Refrigeration’s team of professionals support our main divisions of refrigeration services, commercial and residential natural gas and propane, as well as full service heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Ready Refrigeration was founded as a spinoff from the operations of its sister company Party Ice. Having refrigeration technicians on staff to help run the 130 ton ice plant and to maintain hundreds of ice merchandisers throughout the Maritimes was a perfect fit to hire more technicians and become the up-and-coming full service refrigeration company that it is today!

With well over 100 years of combined sales and technician experience, we cover refrigeration, natural gas & propane, heating and air conditioning, from residential and commercial to industrial applications. 

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of professional, yet personal service and we offer the ability of working on projects of any size. We will help design, build, service and manage your next project.

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Client Reviews

  • Thank you for your help, it was you who got the ball rolling. You are so efficient and willing to help, I know I have said that before, but you are so good at what you do. If your company, gives out monthly awards, you damn well should win one.

    Garnet was here this morning, maybe 15 / 20 minutes, tested the machine and all was fine. Explained why we may be hearing the odd noise plus made a few suggestions to my wife and I that were very helpful. He is a big man, my wife had to stand on two steps and she was still shorter. He was so nice to work with, your company sure knows how to pick top people. Sorry he had to come out, but we needed to know if something could be wrong.

    Many Thanks / Merry Christmas to you and your family, and hope that 2020 is the best ever.

  • Hello Amanda,

    If you would be so kind to pass this message along to Management, I would really appreciate that.Not only did we buy one unit we ended buying another one because we loved the efficiency it gave to our home. Cool in those very hot summer days and warm in those long winter nights. As of now we are about $65.00 dollars a month lower in our heat bill, maybe a bit more.

    Graham: Came to our house and without even asking, he removed his shoes and took the time to go over all the details and benefit’s of how a Heat Pump would work for us and the saving’s in dollars we would enjoy as well, you have an outstanding Sales Rep. on your team, that works hard for the company but works even harder for the customer, that is rare these days.

    Adam: A giant of a man, did not need a ladder at all, and was so respectful of our home. If my wife asked a question, he stop took the time to make her feel at ease. With Adam his performance goes beyond all expectations of his job, working for the customer.

    Joe: Another Adam but only smaller, he is very focused on the tasks at hand. Again very respectful of our home. Adam and Joe sets the stage for others to follow.

    Ryan: He is a leader in his area, knows his stuff. As well he was respectful of our home. He told me what he was doing, over my head, however a fun guy to talk to.

    Amanda: The last piece of the puzzle. The day I came in to pay my bill, she was knees deep in paper work, she stopped and said how can I help you, she did everything I asked and more, you are being very well served with Amanda on your team.

    We love our Heat Pump

    We Love the savings
    We love the benefits it brings
    We ( Maddy & Pat ) think the staff are great.


    Regards / Pat

    Happy Customer

    Maddy & Pat
  • With all the heat this summer, I made up my mind - that’s it; I need a heat pump. My plan was to have three different companies come to my home give me the details along with pricing, and then I would make a choice. Ready Refrigeration was the first to come to my home. Graham was great, knew his stuff, very polite and very respectful of our home, and I knew I had to cancel the other two appointments; I found what I was looking for in Graham.

    The guy that came out for the instasllation was outstanding from start to finish. For such a big man you didn't know he was even in your home; he cleaned everything up and went over all the details with us. He was very respectful of our home. For me that is very important.

    Five days later I went to the office to pay the bill and the service just kept on coming. Another guy helped as well - he said since you have everything with you, let me fax the heat pump rebate for you – I said what? – yep let me do that for you and all you have to do is wait for the cheque and enjoy your heat pump!

    Your people and service is GOLD. MANY THANKS!

    Pat & Maddy
  • The installation team did a terrific job yesterday in all respects. Judy is still shocked - first time in her life she ever had contractors arrive early!

    They were very obliging, friendly, and nice guys. You have a wonderful team working for the company.

    Bill & Judy
  • I just wanted to say thank you for sending Chad and Evan; they were AMAZING. Really informative, professional, thorough, thoughtful, nice and respectful to each other and to me :) Just the type of energy and people I want to work with.

    You are so lucky to have such a great team!! Steve on the phone with me about the heat pump was great as well - it was a great experience!

    Julie Anne Lee, Adored Beast Apothecary Ltd.
  • I really wanted to touch base regarding our new heat pumps. Long story short, we had a Daikin heat pump for a decade. It needed to be replaced. We let friends talk us into Lennox units. Horrible horrible mistake. I couldn’t have hated them any more than I did. I contacted your business last week and was put in touch with Graham.

    Graham’s service was stellar. He was quick to respond. He was friendly. He drove to our house to discuss the unit option with us on a day that weather conditions were not ideal. And he even responded to my questions on the weekend. He worked with a short time restriction and had new pumps installed for us within days of reaching out to him. Your technicians, Tyler and Adam, were perfect. Super friendly. Efficient. And did such a great job. We literally couldn’t be happier with the service or the product. For more than 10 years I loved my Daikin unit, but until the garbage Lennox units were in my home, I didn’t truly appreciate the brand. Now that I have my Daikins back, I am so happy (and very WARM!). Thank you so SO much. I am a super happy customer and I just wanted to reach out to let you know in person that I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about your business, your product and will happily spread the word in future.

    S. Bower, Bedford, NS
  • Ready Refrigeration installed a heat pump in our home; the whole process was completed in three hours. The staff were very knowledgeable; there was no need to even bring out the broom they cleaned up everything and explained the workings of our new system. Barely even know it is running it is so quiet.

    Chris/Monnie Z.
  • Ready Refrigeration provided an absolutely great Daikan product, in both price and service on our recent project. We used Ready Refrigeration to install multiple ductless heat pump units in 29 townhouses and the complete process was exceptional from start to finish.

    Their electricians came in and completed the wiring in a professional and expert manner followed by the Refrigeration Techs who completed the job in a skilled and customer focused manner, including the training on the system’s operation. Their conduct and behaviour was customer focused throughout the project.

    I would highly recommend Ready Refrigeration for the installation of Ductless Heat Pumps.

    Graham H.
  • As a Unit holder and recent recipients of the installation of heat pumps in the upper and in the lower level in our condo, we feel very comfortable in making positive statements about the skills and the dedication of this company, and its employees.

    Both employees are conscientious, willing participants, reliable, congenial with people and pleasant manners, which are evident in their public contacts. We hasten to add that some of the other Unit holders in our community have also expressed their satisfaction with the quality of their work in their Units, and their work ethics.

    Elizabeth & Gerald M.
  • I wanted to thank you and your crew for the prompt and efficient work. The guys that installed the pump were excellent. They answered the questions I had and were extremely neat; I couldn’t believe when he got his shop vac to clean up the mess from drilling the holes.

    I appreciated the fact that you were prompt in returning all of our calls, as I know that you have a very busy schedule. I will highly recommend your company to anyone! Thanks again.

    Sandy & Michele