Heat Pump Maintenance

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As February and March roll around, many homeowners are already dreaming of the warm days ahead and the need for their heat pump to transition from heating to cooling. To ensure your heat pump is up for the challenge, it's important to prioritize maintenance during these transitional months. We’d like to remind you about the importance of keeping your heat pump clean and scheduling professional service in a timely manner, helping you avoid the spring rush and ensuring you're ready to enjoy cool comfort when the summer heat arrives.

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Choosing the right heat pump involves careful consideration of various factors, and one of the most critical aspects is its warranty coverage. Before making a purchase of a ducted or ductless heat pump, make sure to talk to us to get enough information on the following ten aspects to make an informed decision:

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Heat pumps are an essential component of modern HVAC systems. Like conducting an orchestra, your HVAC systems harmonize warmth and coolness to create a comfortable indoor environment.
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As autumn approaches, we have to get ready for the hurricane season in Nova Scotia. it's important to consider the safety of our homes and appliances. One often overlooked aspect is the proper operation of heat pumps during hurricane season. In this article, we will discuss essential safety tips for operating heat pumps during the hurricane season to ensure the well-being of both your equipment and your household.
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Heat pumps are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate, both during the hot summer months and chilly winters. However, to ensure their optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance is crucial. Fortunately, there are several DIY maintenance tasks that homeowners can perform to keep their heat pump running efficiently.

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Proper HVAC system maintenance goes beyond simply changing or cleaning your air filter once a month. Many costs have been incurred to make sure you get a technician the moment your heat pump fails you.

Letting a problem go unchecked can cause greater damage, raise your utility bills, and in some cases release dangerous chemicals into atmosphere or even your home. We explain what goes into a maintenance technician’s visit other than the time spent in your home.

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The fall transition to the colder months in Nova Scotia is a perfect time to perform annual maintenance on your home’s heating and cooling systems, and our Daikin units are no exception.

Daikin heat pumps are efficient units that can make all the difference to the comfort of your home! But they’re far more efficient when maintained by a professional HVAC technician like those at Ready Refrigeration.

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During the winter months, we can expect to hear about record-high snow falls and record-low temperatures. The shorter days and cooler nights take a toll on your home – and even your physical and mental health.

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When it comes to spending household income on maintaining mechanical equipment in a home, many people balk and the thought. Many homes struggle to see the value. “It’s working fine, I will deal with it when something happens” is a common sentiment.
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Understanding how to protect your HVAC system before the storm hits and knowing what to do afterwards can minimize system damage and help safeguard your family. See below for tips on how to prepare and protect your HVAC system during a hurricane.