Ducted Heat Pump System Nova Scotia | Ducted Heating System

Proven over time

Daikin has been perfecting high-efficiency heat pump technology for heating and air conditioning since the 1950’s.

Ducted Heating System - Proven over time

Heat Pump Performance Specialists

Their advanced heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional furnaces, with the added benefits of being extremely reliable, quiet and compact. With a Daikin ductless mini-split, multi-split heat pump or VRV system, you receive a premier comfort solution, proven and backed by the largest HVAC manufacturer worldwide.

Daikin Dependability

Daikin systems are designed for many years of service, with and actual average in-service life of 20+ years. This is why Daikin is so confident in supplying both standard and extended product warranty programs longer than any other manufacturer.

Daikin’s quality is continuously reinforced with their industry-leading product and dealer training, along with improvements in their products and production processes.