Have you been holding out on getting a heat pump?


For many people, decorating their house is a fun and satisfying endeavor to make it their own but this can clash with climbing energy costs and the endless quest for comfort. Mini split heat pumps have been the cream that have risen to the top of people’s minds in Atlantic Canada when it comes to comfort and reducing energy costs, but we know that some people are still on the fence.

After visiting thousands of homes, we see many reasons why people don’t invest in a heat pump. Sometimes financials come into play, occasionally we see a home where the owner may not have the potential savings they had hoped for; from time to time the house just isn’t the perfect fit because of its layout. All of these reasons are valid but the elephant in the room for many folks is an important one: AESTHETICS

Daikin’s newest addition is an Aesthetics Game Changer

We’ve been to the moon and back, engineered powerful computers for our pockets and cloned a sheep but we have yet to successfully design a mini split that fits with modern décor, until now.

Finally, Daikin has come to our rescue with the introduction of their new mini-split indoor unit called The Emura. Available in European markets for the last year or so, The Emura has been perfected and it has officially arrived in North America.

The Emura gives you all the benefits of traditional head units that have become a staple in many Atlantic Canadian homes with a fresh take on design and a focus on appealing to the modern decorator. A curved contour and concealed fan louvers help shape the Emura to blend into your home. Daikin has also given us the luxury of two distinct finishes. A more traditional matte white and silver.

So it looks good, but what else can it do?

In true Daikin fashion they didn’t stop with just the design. Modern design is best married to modern technology.

The Emura comes standard ready for the Wireless Interface Adapter, offering the ability to be remotely controlled, managed and monitored from your smartphone; comfort mode will help avoid uncomfortable airflow by automatically adjusting how the air is moved; avoid managing thermostats with the 2-area intelligent eye, which can help manage operating costs in your less frequented areas of the home by automatically detecting activity in an area and adjusting temperatures accordingly to ensure your dollars aren’t wasted. And the icing on the cake, Daikin offers their industry leading 12-year warranty on the Emura.

As usual, Daikin is ahead of the pack in listening to customers and making functional products that fit in any home. The most reliable, efficient and backed by the best warranty you can find, Daikin has your home in mind. 

How can you get a Daikin heat pump in your home?

As one of Nova Scotia’s only Daikin Comfort Pro installers, we have you covered. Be sure to contact Ready Refrigeration for information on Daikin’s industry leading product lineup and of course one of our new favourites, The Emura.

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