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Founded in 1924 in Japan, Daikin is celebrating thier 95th anniversary this year. By continuously striving to advance their technology, they have become a global leader in air conditioning systems.

Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th and can result in some of the strongest storms on the planet. Hurricanes unleash strong winds, storm surges and a deluge of rain that can ravage homes and communities.

Most, if not all homes in Nova Scotia have some sort of mechanical systems in their house. Furnace, HRV, sump pumps to name a few. In the last five to seven years heat pumps have been added to this list in substantial numbers.

While determining the exact price to install a heat pump in your home does require an in-home visit, we’ve put this guide together to provide average pricing for ductless and ducted systems.


By now you've seen the huge advantages that installing a heat pump in your home can bring.


There is one aspect of heat pumps that is often confusing to homeowners, and that is the difference between single-head units compared to multi-head systems.

Nova Scotia Power Financing Heat Pump Daikin Products

We know heat pumps certainly aren’t the least expensive purchase you have made or will be making. They’re an expensive piece of equipment, especially since you’re considering a top tier efficient brand like Daikin.

Daikin Emura Heat Pump Unit

The Emura gives you all the benefits of traditional indoor heat pumps units that have become a staple in many Atlantic Canadian homes with a fresh take on design and a focus on appealing to the modern decorator.

Heat Pump Covered in Snow picture

“The five most important rules for owning a heat pump are…”

Schwank Gas Infrared Heaters utilize a technology that delivers more comfort for less cost.

A Daikin brand heat pump with a high-efficiency scroll compressor provides efficient and economical heating and cooling performance.

Daikin continues the company’s HVAC investment in North America with the construction of a new business campus.