Troubleshooting for the 19 Series and Daikin Aurora

Fault Diagnosis

To perform error code diagnosis:

  1. Press and hold the CANCEL button for 5 seconds.
  2. Press ON or OFF to check on the error code.
    *Press on the button repeatedly until a long "beep" acknowledgement heard from the indoor unit.

To exit from error code diagnosis:

  1. Press and hold the CANCEL button for 5 seconds.
    *The code display will cancel itself if the button is not pressed for 1 minute.
daikin 19 series remote

Error Code Definitions


Error Code Meaning
00 Normal
A1 Indoor PCB error
A3 Drain pump abnormal
A5 Antifreeze
A6 Indoor fan motor abnormal
AH Electrical air cleaner abnormal
C4 Indoor heat exchanger (1) thermistor short / open
C5 Indoor heat exchanger (2) thermistor short / open
C7 Louver limit switch error
C9 Indoor room thermistor short / open
E1 Outdoor PCB error
E3 High pressure protection
E4 Low pressure protection
E5 Compressor motor lock / compressor overload
E6 Compressor start-up error
E7 Outdoor DC fan motor lock
E8 AC input overcurrent
E9 EXV error
EA 4 way valve error
F3 Discharge pipe overheat
F6 Heat exchanger overheat
H0 Compressor sensor system error
H3 High pressure switch error
H6 Compressor feedback detection error
H7 Fan motor overload / overcurrent / sensor abnormal
H8 AC current sensor error
H9 Outdoor air thermistor short/open
J1 Pressure sensor error
J3 Compressor discharge pipe thermistor short / open / misplaced
J5 Suction pipe thermistor short / open
J6 Outdoor heat exchanger thermistor short / open
J7 Subcooling heat exchanger thermistor short / open
J8 Liquid pipe thermistor short / open
J9 Gas pipe thermistor short / open
L1 Inverter outdoor PCB error
L3 Outdoor control box overheat
L4 Heat sink overheat
L5 IPM error / IGBT error
L8 Inverter compressor overcurrent
L9 Compressor overcurrent prevention
LC Communication error (outdoor control PCB and inverter PCB)
P1 Open phase or voltage unbalance
P4 Heat sink thermistor short / open
PJ Capacity setting error
U0 Insufficient gas
U2 DC voltage out of range
U4 Communication error
U7 Communication error (outdoor control PCB and IPM PCB)
UA Installation error
UF Piping & wiring installation mismatch / wrong wiring / insufficient gas
UH Antifreeze (other rooms)



For any enquiries on spare parts please contact Ready Refrigeration. If any malfunction of the air conditioner unit is noted, immediately switch off the power supply to the unit. Check the following fault conditions and causes for some simple troubleshooting tips.

Fault Causes / Action
The compressor does not operate 3 minutes after the air conditioner unit is started. Protection against frequent starting. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for the compressor to start operating.
The air conditioner unit does not operate.
  • Power failure, or the fuse needs to be replaced.
  • The power plug is disconnected.
  • It is possible that your delay timer has been set incorrectly.
  • If the fault persists after all these verifications, please contact the air conditioner unit installer.
The air flow is too low.
  • The air filter is dirty.  
  • The doors or windows are open.
  • The air suction and discharge are clogged.
  • The regulated temperature is not high enough.
Discharge air flow has bad odor. Odors may be caused by cigarettes, smoke particles, perfume etc. which might have adhered onto the coil.
Condensation on the front air grille of the indoor unit.
  • This is caused by air humidity after an extended long period of operation.     
  • The set temperature is too low, increase the temperature setting and operate the unit at high fan speed.
Water flowing out from the air conditioner unit. Switch off unit and call dealer.


If the fault persists, please contact us here!