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Why Daikin is a Top Heat Pump Brand for NS

By now you've seen the huge advantages that installing a heat pump in your home can bring. This includes first and foremost the ability to save money on utility bills but also lessening the strain on a primary furnace, providing a better air quality, and creating a more comfortable (warm!) indoor environment.

As more homeowners have realized the benefits of installing a heat pump, the industry has become more competitive. You've probably seen dozens of heat pump manufacturers selling you on the same services which include reliable operation, efficient installation, and most importantly top notch delivery of heat.

There is, however, one manufacturer that has stood out above the pack and it's really not even close. The Daikin Heat Pump is, what we believe, the best in the industry, and here's why:

What's So Different About the Daikin Heat Pump?

Sure every manufacturer says they offer advantages that their competitors can't match but Daikin is one of the few that actually backs up those claims. Other manufacturers might have better name recognition but therein lies the biggest reason for choosing a Daikin product. Daikin doesn't deal with anything but HVAC products and therefore every bit of their research and development focus is put towards making their heat pump the finest on the market.

Homeowners can rest assured that Daikin Heat Pumps are the longest lasting in the industry. They operate efficiently, do not require excessive maintenance, and most importantly operate in the highest quality.

How Do I Know My Heat Pump Installation Will Be Done Correctly?

Even though Daikin's heat pumps are some of the best on the market, there's only so much the actual product can do. This is because maximum efficiency also relies on proper installation. Another major reason for choosing Daikin is because they address proper installation via their Comfort Pro Program. This system ensures that installation techs are fully trained on the latest procedures and methods for proper implementation of Daikin products. The company goes so far as to vet their dealers so that not just anybody can sell or install a Daikin heat pump in your home.

What If I Do Have a Problem With My Daikin Heat Pump?

Regardless of the manufacturer, heat pumps are under a lot of pressure during the cold months, and there may come a time when some of these multiple moving parts may fail. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection can help avoid any of these problems but if they do, consumers can rest assured that the Daikin warranty has them covered. The company stands by their product with a 12-year parts and 10-year labour guarantee which brings a peace of mind that further pushes Daikin ahead of the pack in the heat pump world.

Another Daikin Advantage – Versatility

One of the other major advantages of choosing Daikin is because of their large range of products. Since there are so many different heating needs in homes and businesses, Daikin offers standard heat pumps as well as mini-splits, centrally ducted systems, and VRV. The company maintains a focus solely on HVAC, but they do so with a versatility across the field to fulfill a broad range of installation options.

Make Your Heat Pump Decision Easier

The benefits of choosing Daikin are crystal clear as they are the world's largest HVAC manufacturer. The company is continually investing in research and development to improve their heat pumps further, and their focus on proper installation techniques as well as an industry-leading parts and labour warranty leave little to worry about.

If you want to make your final decision on a heat pump easier, we’re here at Ready Refrigeration to answer any of your questions. Don't forget all of our heat pump products can be financed through Nova Scotia Power's Heat Pump Program. Get in touch to book an in-home assessment at 902-252-3128.